Arbitration & Mediation


Many business controversies require the parties to resolve their disputes through binding arbitration, outside of the court system. The arbitration process offers some advantages to the judicial process, but also some drawbacks. Drawing on our extensive experience in the various arbitral forums and our familiarity with their unique procedures, our clients have achieved success in these proceedings.

We regularly handle cases before single arbitrators and three-arbitrator tribunals, covering disputes involving contracts, patents, securities, M&A transactions, post-closing disputes, employment issues and more. These controversies cover important matters of principle and amounts ranging from modest sums to tens of millions of dollars.

One of our partners, Christopher Donnelly, serves regularly as an arbitrator in cases administered by the American Arbitration Association and has been a member of the AAA Panel of Commercial Arbitrators for nearly three decades. Chris has served as an arbitrator for more than 140 cases.

Non-binding mediation is often utilized by litigants wishing to manage the risks, as well as avoid the business disruption, time and expense associated with court proceedings. Success at mediation demands vigorous advocacy combined with thoughtful counseling. We have helped our clients settle at mediation controversies that appeared beyond resolution.

In addition, our partner, Christopher Donnelly, assists litigants and their counsel in resolving disputes as a mediator. Drawing on his experience as a trial and appellate advocate and arbitrator, Chris helps parties understand the true risks and costs associated with litigation and often brings together combatants who were previously unable to find acceptable compromise.


  • Arbitrated to a successful conclusion an eight-figure dispute between a hedge fund portfolio manager and his employer regarding his alleged termination for “Good Reason.”
  • Represented a major financial institution in arbitration involving claims stemming from the sale of auction rate securities.