Intellectual Property Litigation


The valuable inventions, formulas, processes, ideas and marks that serve as the foundation of a business can be afforded legal protection as trade secrets, patents, copyrights, software, trademarks and service marks. Whether a company is a startup or household name, its intellectual property are critical assets requiring defense against theft or imitation.

We protect the intellectual property of a diverse array of businesses and individuals working across a multitude of industries including computer technology, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, education and electronics, among others. These cases can involve infringement of a patent or copyrighted work, misappropriation of trade secrets, protection of patented matter or processes, theft of an idea, misuse of a trademark or service mark, or assertion of rights in the face of counterfeit products or stolen designs.

The breadth of our experience exemplifies our ability to protect the full range of intellectual property across a variety of technologies and businesses. We work well with scientists, engineers, designers and other client personnel, as well as technical experts. Clients turn to us for our deep litigation and trial experience, and our successful record presenting complicated technologies clearly and persuasively to judges, juries, arbitrators and mediators.


  • Represented a goods manufacturer in a complex dispute that includes securing our client’s name without consent, stealing designs and marketing and selling our client’s products.
  • Played an active leadership role as local counsel to a major Silicon Valley corporation in a major computer software copyright litigation. The case ultimately was resolved by the United States Supreme Court in a precedent-setting decision favorable to our client.
  • Protected a musician’s rights to one of the most famous names in early rock ‘n roll through victory in federal circuit court.
  • In a ground-breaking theft-of-idea case, won a complete victory following a two week trial for a national magazine publisher.
  • Won summary judgment dismissal of contributory copyright infringement and vicarious liability claims against a trade show producer.
  • Successfully represented a biotechnology company in “bet the company” multi-forum lawsuits against a competitor company and major university in which we vindicated at trial our client's rights to its valuable inventions.
  • Brought a series of uniformly successful lawsuits in federal court for a national distributor of videotaped films in litigation against copyright infringing video pirates.
  • Represented as local counsel the Motion Picture Association of America in connection with illegal downloading of movie content from the internet.
  • Represented a large multi-specialty group medical practice in a dispute with a software vendor alleging copyright infringement.
  • Represented as local counsel a medical device company in a patent infringement matter.